Actos Makers Ordered to Pay over $6 billion

April 8, 2014
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In the first federal multidistrict litigation case for Actos, a U.S. federal jury imposed $6 billion in punitive damages against co-defendants Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd and Eli Lilly, Inc. In the most recent Actos trial, the jury also ordered the payment of $1.475 million dollars in compensatory damages. Lawyers for Takeda Pharmaceutical USA Inc said they plan to challenge the outcome through various means, including appeals.

The Lafeyette, Louisiana jury deliberated for only 70 minutes to find the co-defendants liable on all 14 counts. Both France and Germany suspended sales of the drug in 2011 amid cancer concerns.

Last May, a judge nullified a $6.5 million dollar verdict against Takeda Pharmaceutical, with a ruling that the plaintiffs failed to offer reliable evidence.  It is unknown how long it will take for post trial motions and appeals following this most recent Actos verdict.

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