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September 25, 2019
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Accutane: When Conventional Acne Remedies Don’t Work

Description: Read about one of the most effective skin medicine today – Accutane. Get the overall information on the drug, possible risks, convenient quantities to take, and how to avoid severe side effects.

A Time-Tested Remedy for Treating Skin Conditions

Accutane is an original development of a pharma company Hoffmann-La Roche, a vitamin A group chemical that regulates quantities of skin oil. Many Internet reviews consider this drug to be quite effective, but connected to many negative effects that may result in worsening of health. For this reason, it is advised that you only start it after consulting a physician.

It is also known in some of its generic forms that are less pricy, such as Roaccutane.

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What is Accutane Essentially Used For?

Accutane is widely known as a retinoid-type drug for dealing with various forms of acne. Skin conditions connected to too much sebum can occur for different reasons, from genetic factors to hormones, dietary habits or psychological issues. This remedy is usually applied after a doctor’s prescription when other therapies, like local skin treatments and hormonal, have failed.

It is viewed as one of the most effective drugs for acne that result in formation of nodules, scares, and cysts. In can also be applied for some conditions of eyes and in some forms of cancer.

Appropriate Dosages of Accutane for Your Condition

Since this remedy is highly toxic on many levels of the organism, it is never a good idea to choose your dosage on your own. The treatment can take up to 16 to 20 weeks, and the first improvements of skin condition can become obvious after 10 weeks.

The amount of the active substance can be 10 or milligrams per pill. It should be ingested twice a day during meals, together with a decent amount of fat-containing food or liquid. The pills themselves contain oils that help retinoic acid dissolve better.

The optimal dosage depends on the patient’s weight and usually accounts for 0.5 milligrams per every kilo. The duration of the course will change depending on how much active substance a person takes per day.

The Health Consequences of the Remedy

The negative effects of Accutane are more likely with higher quantities taken daily, but can occur in any patient, especially at the early stages. The possible side effects are quite serious and should be carefully monitored.

The undesired effects may hit all the organism’s main systems, like skin irritation, dryness of eyes and other mucous areas, nose bleeds, rashes, alopecia, which could later be reversed. The drug can also cause arthritis, pain in the joints and muscles, lung and bronchial spasms, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite etc.

Undesired Consequences When Ingesting the Pill

There are quite heavy negative effects that are almost inevitable when taking this remedy. Some of the most frequent ones will look like dryness of mouth and lips, rashes, increased sweating and other skin-related problems; headaches, eyesight impairment, depression, anxiety. They would usually disappear once you stop taking the medicine, but, in some cases, additional treatment will be needed.

Avoid additional vitamin supplements of A group while taking these pills, and don’t sign up for any harsh skin procedures while you are taking it. You may experience occasional muscle pain and be less willing to get physical exercise, which is quite normal.

Accutane and Psychological Conditions

In rare cases, individuals treated with this remedy described depression, psychotic symptoms and, very rarely, suicidal attempts. Although the real relationship between the use of the drug and psychological problems has not been established, individuals suffering fromdepression in the past or present ought to be carefully monitored for depression while ingesting the remedy.

However, the halt in taking Accutane may not lead to the disappearance of symptoms and may require further observation and treatment by a specialist.

How Does This Drug Affect Depression?

Accutane is not a good idea for individuals who either have had depressive episodes in the past or have depression currently. The same concerns many other psychiatric disorders. If a depressed patient still has to take this remedy, it should be done under close supervision of a therapist.

Although there is not enough evidence to confirm that, it is said that this pill can elevate the chance of developing depression and suicidal thoughts by 21%. If any of the general mental health issues bother you during treatment, you need to consult a specialist immediately.

How to Combine Accutane with Alcoholic Beverages?

Ethanol may slow down the digestion of the chemical substance in the pill, lowering or eliminating its effect. It will also put additional load on liver and kidneys, which can also lead to intoxication, build-up of excessive vitamin A in the body, and the appearance of all the related symptoms. As a general rule, alcohol is to be avoided when ingesting this remedy.

Possible Hair Loss While Applying Accutane

Some patients have said their hair would start to shed during the course of this medicine. Clinical studies confirm that it is possible as a consequence of excessive vitamin A in the system, which can cause additional skin problems. Nonetheless, it happens very rarely, in less than 1 case per every 10 000 individuals taking this pill. It is also very unlikely if the dosages are moderate and do not go beyond the prescribed quantities.

Other Important Considerations When Taking Accutane

Accutane should be avoided before, during and after a woman is pregnant, because it creates severe negative consequences for fetal development. Donation on blood should also not be made at least a month after you stop ingesting the drug. In some cases, the acne problem can become worse during the first two weeks of the course, then normalize.

At the beginning of the intake, you should moisturize your skin and mucous areas to avoid dryness. Protect your skin from excessive UV and apply creams no lower than 15 SPF factor.

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